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Black bone ornamental crane statue

Total height 24.5cm Statue made of bone and the base is made of wood Ideal as an ornament or ..


Festival Of Nepal Sursudha

Festival Of Nepal SursudhaFounded in 1989, Sud Sudha is comprised of Prem Rana on flute, Surendra Sh..


Folk Roots Kutumba

Folk Roots KutumbaThe most authentic nepali music (folk/traditional) till date. The combination of i..


FONZO Robot Vacuum Cleaners New

FONZO Robot Vacuum Cleaners

FONZO Robot Vacuum Cleaners, Self-Charging Automatic Robotic Cleaner with UV Sterilization(Bacteria/..


Ganesha Figure statue with fine detail in a Black Resin Finish

Superb Ganesha figurine 5in tall and 6.5ins wide across his lovely large ears. The son of Shiva and..


Gurkha Beer

Description:It was almost 200 years ago when the British Empire first encountered the Gurkhas.After ..


Large Brass Tibetan Bell Vijra Meditation yoga prayer

The Tibetan Bell represents wisdom. Its hollow symbolizes the wisdom recognising emptiness and the c..


Large ornamental tiger Made of Bone

This bone tiger is perfect as a decorative piece, at 26cm long it is a perfect addition to any room..


Maggi Instant Noodles Box of 20

MAGGI 2-MINUTE Noodles is the most-loved meal across all age groups and defines the Instant Noodles ..


Nepalese Traditional Brass Oil Lamp Candle Holders Set of 2

This Beautiful Handmade Brass Hindu and Buddhist Nepali Traditional Oil Ghee Lamp or Candle Ho..


Nepali Hand Made Brass Metal Buddha Statue in a Bhumisparsha Mudra

Nepali Hand Made Brass Metal  Buddha Statue 13cm in a Bhumisparsha Mudra positionThis is handcr..


Nepali Instrumental Music Image Of Nepal By Sursudha

The Nepalese trio Sur Sudha came together in the late 1980s for what amounts to a national-cultural ..


Nong Shim Kimchi Noodles Box of 20

A mixture of fresh vegetables with the fresh taste of sauteed Kimchi makes this convenient bowl nood..


Pawa Red, Beaten Rice (रातो चिउरा) 750gm

Red Flattened (beaten) rice is a dehusked rice which is flattened into flat light dry flakes and red..


Rara Instant Noodles Box of 30

Another delicious produce from Nepal in chicken flavour. Great to eat it raw or cooked with soup.Ing..


Set of 2 ornamental cranes - Made of bone - Two separate statues

This set would make a perfect addition to an existing display or as the start of a display. Useful ..


Shin Ramyun Noodles Box of 20

Shin Ramyun is not only Korea’s no 1 ramyun but has already started to become an international favou..


Shiva Natraja Nataraja Brass Hindu Statue

Beautiful Shiva Natraja, Nataraja Brass Hindu Statue 13.5cm highHand made in Kathmandu (Nepal)13.5cm..


Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Item brass Dorje Vajra Bajra Thunder Bolt

Dorje is a Tibetan word. It refers to the ritual object that is held in the right hand of a Lama dur..


Tingsha Bells Cymbals

These Tingsha bells (hand cymbals) are decorated with etched dragons. The dragon embodies strength, ..