Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Item brass Dorje Vajra Bajra Thunder Bolt

Dorje is a Tibetan word. It refers to the ritual object that is held in the right hand of a Lama during various religious ceremonies. Dorje is a common given-name for men in people of Tibetan culture. Hence Phu Dorje, Ang Dorje (young Dorje) and Nima Dorje (Monday Dorje) or, more usually, Dorje. Symbolically a dorje represents the 'thunderbolt of enlightenment,' that abrupt change in human consciousness which is recognised by all the great religions as a pivotal episode in the lives of mystics and saints. 

It is believe that the thunderbolt or vajra, dorje destroys all kinds of ignorance and itself is indestructible.Vajra is known as also symbol of Indra (God). In tantric rituals, the vajra symbolized the male principle which represents method in the right hand and the bell symbolized the female principle, is held in the left. Their interaction leads to enlightenment. 

Its approx measurements:
LENGTH: 11cm.

Its approx measurements:
LENGTH: 9 cm.

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Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Item brass Dorje Vajra Bajra Thunder Bolt

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