Why Third Pole

Why Third Pole?

Third pole is a online shopping website for all your needs, where you can find quality product at affordable and competitive price.
As a pioneer in online shopping service provider, we are here to make our customers’ lives easier.  We know time is valuable and every minute counts. That’s why we deliver your goods to your doorstep so that you can spend more time doing the things you love. You just order online or by phone, sit back, relax, and wait for your goods to arrive.

We take your orders seriously and try to deliver goods in the shortest possible time. If you have any questions or complaints regarding our services please tell us. Your feedback is very important to us.

Why choose Third Pole?

  1. Ordering through our website means you will received quality product at affordable price.
  2. We will donate 1.5% of our profits to a charity providing clean drinking water in Nepal.
  3. We will consistently deliver quality product to our customers.  Failure to do so we will send refund.